My Outfits 👗

So this time’s blog, I’m gonna be showing 2 of my favorite outfits, but obviously, there are more but I didn’t have the time to take photos of them so yea.


This outfit is for winter/ autumn time, so the top is actually from a Chinese website called Taobao, this website sells good stuff and some of them have good quality of things. Really worth it! 

Then the bottom are my leggings, they are incredibly comfortable and I wear it everywhere I go.

Last I pair with my Louis Vuitton sling bag, this was given by my mum and I love it! It trains me to bring less things with me when I go out so I won’t lose things easily as well. xD

Does anyone have the same problem as me? Bringing too many things and losing some of the things you’ve brought?


Next is this jeans top form H&M and a T-shirt from Esprit but then sometimes I top it with a simple white t-shirt or sleeveless t-shirt.

This is all for today’s blog, I know it’s too simple, very little but if you wanna know more of my outfits, PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL ME YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE! cuz I’d love to show more to you readers! 

Well, have a good evening and peace out!

xx ~ xx




Hi there! I'm Gisele, a 16 year-old Malaysian living in Hong Kong. This is basically my online diary so that I can write more often instead of playing my phone whole day. And yes, somehow writing is much easier for me 'cuz I'm not good at talking BUT I'm very very VERY talkative in class. xD so yea, if you wanna keep track on what i do in my life, I have links for you to click on it. So yea, I wish you a pleasant day :)

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