Happy Chinese New Year

28th January,2017

Good evening everyone, I’m now in Malaysia, my home town. I’m back here to celebrate Chinese New Year, some of you may heard of it, and some of you may not heard of it, so here’s a few pictures of how we celebrate Chinese  New Year.


we celebrate with fireworks and dragon dance (which you probably heard of ><)


Then we have reunion dinner with all of our family members on the table with us eating and eating and eating and chatting and chatting and chatting…..

So, yeah, this is basically how we celebrate Chinese New Year! 




Hi there! I'm Gisele, a 16 year-old Malaysian living in Hong Kong. This is basically my online diary so that I can write more often instead of playing my phone whole day. And yes, somehow writing is much easier for me 'cuz I'm not good at talking BUT I'm very very VERY talkative in class. xD so yea, if you wanna keep track on what i do in my life, I have links for you to click on it. So yea, I wish you a pleasant day :)

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