School has STARTED!


Who else listens to music while going to school? 

Well I do…

HEYYYYYY THEREEEEEEE!! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a blog. Really sorry guysssssss. School started and I’m busy AF.

So as I was saying, I always listen to music and speaking of music, MARTIN GARRIX came to Hong Kong #roadtoultra


I didn’t go because my mom didn’t let me to! ><

But I’d love to go~ I’ve been so upset that I didn’t go. So mad…

Anyways, I will update this post afterschool, cuz I did it during lesson….

See ya!



Hi there! I'm Gisele, a 16 year-old Malaysian living in Hong Kong. This is basically my online diary so that I can write more often instead of playing my phone whole day. And yes, somehow writing is much easier for me 'cuz I'm not good at talking BUT I'm very very VERY talkative in class. xD so yea, if you wanna keep track on what i do in my life, I have links for you to click on it. So yea, I wish you a pleasant day :)

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