Lunch at the Eiffle Tower 🇫🇷

So this picture on top is the kitchen of the restaurant on the Eiffle Tower. 

Tbh having lunch there was a fantastic experience for me but it was REALLY REALLY expensive. So uhh, the restaurant is called Le Jules Verne, it’s actually an author who wrote fiction about going into the outer space and the center of the Earth ( FYI he is the writer of Journey to the Centre of the Earth 😏 ) 

Alright now let me show you what I ate for lunch. 


So this is the starter everyone literally get, as you can see it’s salmon with some sauce that I don’t know how to explain 😂 bur it’s delicious 👅

And this is the starter that I ordered which is
Preserved duck foie gras, red currant gelée
, it comes with a plate a bread on the side.

Main Course 

For main course, I ordered chicken although it looks more like a fish, but ya, it’s Jaune des Landes chicken with girolle mushrooms, Arbois wine sauce. And on the side, they have this peppery gravy which tastes insanely gooooood, with some vegetables on the side. 


For dessert I ordered  Baba with Armagnac according to your choice, lightly whipped Chantilly which then later the waiters help you with your toppings.

They add creme and then the alcohol. 

So yea, this is basically the lunch I had at the Eiffle Tower! Hope you all enjoyed this blog and feel a bit hungry already 😂 

Anyways, have a nice evening ❣




Hi there! I'm Gisele, a 16 year-old Malaysian living in Hong Kong. This is basically my online diary so that I can write more often instead of playing my phone whole day. And yes, somehow writing is much easier for me 'cuz I'm not good at talking BUT I'm very very VERY talkative in class. xD so yea, if you wanna keep track on what i do in my life, I have links for you to click on it. So yea, I wish you a pleasant day :)

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