Lisztomaniac : A person who needs to listen to music all the time

So this blog is something related to us and music…

You might be wondering if you are a lisztomaniac or not. Well, I am sure that I am one of them. I am actually listening to music now while blogging this, tbh I listen to music even when I’m sleeping. :/  Examples? When I’m trying to sleep in the plane, bus, or taxis, I also listen to music when I’m in my bed, not just in my seat. xD I know this is really really weird, but I love doing it and although my mom always tells me not to listen to music when I’m sleeping, I still do it. xD But don’t worry, I only use my IPod nano instead of my phone cuz I do know that phones have lots of radiation, so yeaaaaa.

Since I’m a lisztomaniac, I shall share some good music that I really like!!!  I will leave a Youtube link for you to listen.


1. Disclosure – Latch feat. Sam Smith

2. Flume – Never Be Like You feat. Kai

3. Mike Posner – I Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB Remix)

4. heathens // twenty one pilots

5. Hozier Better Love


Well that’s all for today 🙂 If you want some more music for me to recommend, don’t be afraid to comment down below to tell me 😀

Have a good night then 🙂

Gisele ♥




Hi there! I'm Gisele, a 16 year-old Malaysian living in Hong Kong. This is basically my online diary so that I can write more often instead of playing my phone whole day. And yes, somehow writing is much easier for me 'cuz I'm not good at talking BUT I'm very very VERY talkative in class. xD so yea, if you wanna keep track on what i do in my life, I have links for you to click on it. So yea, I wish you a pleasant day :)

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